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food-as-medicineFree Tab : Each product can have one to four tabs with any information of choice. They are called Free Tabs. The moment one or more Free Tabs are used the complete single product page changes to a tabbed layout.


1) The normal product information content goes into a tab called ‘General Details’,
2) The Attachments go into a tab called ‘Attachments’,
3) The Related Products go into a Tab called ‘Related Products’
4) The Comments go into a tab called ‘Comments’.

The Free Tabs are also added. Each one shown with its own title and content as set below in the free tab settings.


The titles of the default product tabs (not the free tabs) can be changed by the use of the default language file that comes with the theme and a program called PoEdit. This is called localizing the theme. Even if your native language is English you can create your own language file and change the wording used in the tabs. Follow the wordpress codex on this on the how to localize your theme. You can change/translated any text string used in the frontend of your website. All the frontend website strings are available for translation in the default language file which is included in the package and which can be found in the RtThemeXX/languages folder









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